Install a TV Outdoors in a Weatherproof Enclosure

View photos and a video on a recent installation of a 75″ Apollo Desert Series enclosure at Arabian Ranches, Dubai

Don’t Forget To Add The Outdoor TV For Entertainment

– Install a TV Outdoors in a Weatherproof Enclosure

When you Install a TV outdoors in a weatherproof enclosure, you can create your outdoor TV entertainment centre. The most versatile solution is to install a Smart TV in an APOLLO Desert Series weatherproof TV enclosure.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, for the Middle East environment, an APOLLO Desert Series TV enclosure can be installed in full-sun locations. It can protect a standard TV from heat, rain, dust and insects and has special cooling features and filters.

These photos are of other installations of Desert Series TV enclosures in Dubai, UAE

Spend a Little More for a Much Bigger Return

While many homeowners invest in artfully lit landscaping, a shimmering pool and a beautifully furnished pergola for dining and relaxing, boredom sets in when there is no outdoor TV entertainment. The answer: install a TV in a weatherproof enclosure and you will see how much more time you spend in your beautiful surroundings!

When you Install a TV Outdoors in a Weatherproof Enclosure, this outdoor TV entertainment centre can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of the project and adds so much more to enhance the pleasure derived from your investment.

Share the Outdoor TV Experience with Family and Friends

An outdoor TV can provide several benefits for a home and family. If you have children, an outdoor TV can provide a fun and engaging activity that the whole family can enjoy together. It can also be a great way to keep the kids entertained while you’re hosting a barbecue or outdoor party.

If you have a patio, deck, or backyard that you like to entertain in, an outdoor TV can be a great way to provide entertainment for your guests – enjoy the game live with your mates!

The Apollo Desert Series enclosures are in stock in Dubai, and ready to ship on purchase.

Much Better Value and More Versatile Than an Outdoor TV

It is a very affordable option to the expense of purchasing an outdoor TV. The other big saving is once the TV requires replacing, you don’t have to replace the enclosure too.

For TVs from 40″ up to 98″ – The Apollo enclosures come in six sizes. 39″ to 43″, 50″ to 55″, 60″ to 65″, 70″ to 75″, 80″ to 86″ and even 90″ to 98″. Install the smartest, brightest TV and have all the special features outdoors. You can install an outdoor home theatre experience.

Temperature-controlled -The Apollo enclosure has a temperature-controlled, filtered air-flow system that protects the TV from overheating. Cross-flow fans in the front cover and multiple fans in the rear panel expel the heat.


Click to view a video of how to install your TV in an Apollo weatherproof enclosure. This is a USA enclosure and the power board and cables are different in the UAE enclosure.

We recommend that the TV and enclosure be installed by a professional installer. Twasl Smart Technologies is a professional UAE home automation company with experience in installing Desert Series enclosures. Their qualified staff can also assist with installing power, internet and additional speakers if required.


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