INSPIRATION for a more entertaining outdoors!

Pool, bar, chaise and outdoor TV - a perfect combination!

Add the TV of your choice to an Apollo enclosure and have an amazing, more entertaining backyard!

While some individuals aim to create outdoor environments that promote screen-free relaxation, if you relish constant access to your beloved sports and shows or wish to host outdoor movie nights, you can add a television protected from the weather, insects and dust in an Apollo enclosure.

Whether you’re sprucing up your backyard patio, enhancing a pergola-covered bar, or refining a pool house lounge area, these outdoor TV concepts will guide you in effectively blending this additional feature into your outdoor setting.

A collection of INSPIRATIONAL outdoor TV installations!

These are not our installations but are displayed here to help you visualise how an outdoor TV could enhance your outdoor and semi-outdoor living areas. Each photographer has been credited for their beautiful photography.